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Equipment & Safety

What Equipment Do I Need?

Proper equipment is important for safety!  We strongly recommend that everyone wear a helmet and proper curling shoes.
Curling Shoes:
With Sliders and gripper , if throwing stones from the hack OR
Without Sliders (or gripper over slider), if using a Curling Stick to delivery the stones.
Outdoor shoes are not allowed on the ice. Some members wear running shoes that they only use for curling but we recommend a proper curling shoe as they grip the ice better.
Remember to purchase new grippers as soon as they show any sign of wear. Pieces of rubber are often found on the ice when members wear old ones, and this can create a danger to curlers and affect the path of a stone.
There are many good options for helmets. There are specialized Curling Helmets, however, many members wear bicycle or hockey helmets. It is important that the helmet does not come off and particularly protects the back of the head.
Gloves not only keep you warm but also keeps a good grip on your broom and stone.
There are curling brooms at the club, but to be sure that you have one we recommend that you buy your own. There are many different styles available, it doesn't have to be the best! If you are new, ask members about their brooms any why they like them.
Straw brooms are not allowed on the ice surface.
Although there is no specific dress code, please keep warm but make sure that your clothing allows you to move freely and doesn't create any tripping hazards (e.g. scarves are not a good idea).

Where can I get it?

‚ÄčThere are a few places that sell curling equipment. Real curling equipment can be purchased at a specialized Curling Store (e.g. Shot Rock, Barrie) but alternatives mentioned above can be purchased at most sports stores.
Shot Rock
Has an extensive selection of equipment and clothing  
and traditionally offers a good new curler package
175 Essa Rd.,  Barrie, ON L4N 3L2
   BalancePlus Curling Equipment
   99 Hooper Rd Unit #1, Barrie, ON L4N 9S3
Source for Sports
450 West St N, Orillia ON L3V 5E8                                
  Canadian Tire
  1017 Brodie Dr, Orillia ON L3V 7X6
Curling equipment can also be purchased from several on-line sources.

How can I increase my safety?

  • Wear proper equipment
  • Do not run on the ice
  • Carefully step onto the ice
  • Do not stand only on your slider foot (e.g. when getting up or moving a stone)
  • Use a stabilizer or a curling stick if you are having trouble throwing a rock normally
  • Stay well away from sweepers
  • Sweepers, when waiting on the other team to play, stand on the line between the ice sheets near the middle of the rink and pay attention of what is happening on rinks beside you.
  • When standing on the ice keep your broom vertical and do not swing it around.
  • When moving stones, be very careful to not push them into someone's path or behind them.

Daily Schedule

19 Aug 2022
04:00PM - 08:00PM
Orillia Recreation Centre Grand Re-Opening
15 Sep 2022
08:00AM - 02:00PM
OCC Golf Tournament
17 Sep 2022
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OCC OPEN HOUSE & In-Person Registration
18 Sep 2022
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OCC OPEN HOUSE & In-Person Registration
08 Oct 2022
09:30AM - 03:00PM
OCC Opening Weekend Clinics & Practice Ice

Hosted Events

OCC Golf Tournament
09-15-2022 8:30 am
Price: $75 / person

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Founded in 1873, the Orillia Curling Club  includes six sheets of professionally maintained ice, a full service lounge with viewing area, change rooms with locker space and shower facilities. We welcome all skill levels to come out and enjoy curling.