Draw Master, Alan Smale, 705-327-1863


12:30 pm                 Youth (7-17 yrs) 


9:30 am                 Senior Men (tag draw)
1:00 pm                 Mixed         (tag draw)
3:15 pm                 Choose Your Own Team (CYO)
6:30 pm                 Box Ladder  Choose Your Own Team (CYO)

9:30 am                 Day Ladies
6:30 pm                 Men's


9:30 am                 Senior Men (tag draw)
1:00 pm                 Mixed          (tag draw)
6:00 pm                 Business Ladies

9:30 am                 Day Ladies
6:00 pm                 Mixed
8:30 pm                 Mixed Doubles

9:30 am                 Senior Men (tag draw)

1:00 pm                 Mixed (tag draw)
6:30 pm                 Mixed

9:00 pm                 Mixed Doubles

Youth Curling

League Descriptions and Convenors

Box Ladder  Choose Your Own Team (CYO)
Monday (6:30 pm)
Jon Wolhouse, 705-326-2459

Business Ladies
Wednesday (6:30 pm)
Janet Orser Madigan, 705-327-0380

Choose Your Own Team (CYO)
Monday (3:15 pm)
Bill Baker, 705-689-0968

A competitive, but social, 14 team draw open to mixed, men’s and women’s teams.
Two round robins, with the second split and tiered by competitive level. 
Players contribute for prizes and wind-up refreshments.

Day Ladies
Tuesday (9:30) & Thursday (9:30 am)
Dorothy Hills 705-514-0085

The Day Ladies is a very social league comprised of all levels of curlers from beginners to experienced. No matter what your level of expertise we welcome you to join us. Those with little or no experience will be mentored by their teammates. We want everyone to feel comfortable both on and off the ice. We curl on Tuesday and/or Thursday mornings at 9:30 am. We do have specific teams for the Fall Draw and different teams for the Winter Draw. The League commences the curling season, prior to the first day of curling with an Opening Dinner, held at the curling club. This is usually the week before we get out on the ice and is designed as a social event to meet with our curling ladies and get to know new members. Following this dinner the Skips for the Fall Draw will meet to draw their teams. As soon after as possible the curlers will be notified as to which team they are on and what position they will be playing. We do have set teams for the draws and all players are expected to be present for each game. If they are unable to be present, it is their responsibility to find a spare from the List of Spares provide with contact numbers. There are usually enough spares for each position to fill this need. 

Our League has 3 organized bonspiels throughout the year. These are “Fun” events, and although there are prizes, there is no pressure whatsoever. They are usually tag draws so you do not know which team you will be on till you get there. The surprise of seeking out your team over refreshments prior to the game is part of the fun. 

Past President’s Bonspiel – Tuesday, November 13th. Convenors: Jane Binns, Mary Thib, Mary Wilson and Helen Whetter

IMG 5013 IMG 5014

IMG 5018 IMG 5020

Christmas Bonspiel - Thursday, December 20th Convenors: Beverley Brennan, Gaby Hart and Liz Ross click for details
Closing Bonspiel – Tuesday, March 19th Convenors: Mona Cillis, Sheila Smale, Liz Ross and Lynn Toye

Day of Champions - Saturday, March 23 rd
The Day Ladies participate in this day by entering two teams to participate in a demonstration game. The players are chosen by a random draw from those wishing to participate. 

Our league finishes up the curling season with a Closing Banquet on the evening of Tuesday, March 26th at the Curling Club. Dinner is followed by prize presentations from the Fall and Winter draws. 

Good Curling Ladies


Tuesday (6:30 pm)
Lon Oldfield, 705-305-6017

Mixed Teams - Thursday
Thursday (6:00 pm and 8:00pm)
Cheryl Heitzner, 705-326-0448

Mixed Teams - Friday
Friday (6:30 pm and 8:30pm)
Wendy Lou Paquette, 705-323-6103

Mixed (tag draw)
Monday (12:45 pm) & Wednesday (1:00 pm)
Eileen Ford, (705) 325-8508
Friday (1:00 pm)
Karen & Dave Boyle, 705-689-6948

Senior Men (tag draw)
Monday (9:30 am)
Wednesday (9:30 am)
Friday (9:30 am)
Dave Madigan705-327-0380

Youth Curling
Karen Szjiarto, 705-327-5070

Mixed Doubles
Friday (9:00 pm)
Convenor TBD

Friday (9:00 pm)
Convenor TBD


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